Set in a large and open tropical beachfront garden, this unique traditional stone and thatch design reflects Jeeva Klui Hotel’s commitment to the culture and tradition of Lombok. The hotel is about an hour’s drive from the airport and takes you through rice paddies and along a picturesque coastal road.

With over 200 meters of frontage on Klui Beach, all of the 26 suites are either on the beachfront or have ocean views.  And the 9 individual pool villas are enclosed within their own private garden. Each suite has its own sunset view from the island of Bali.

Jeeva Klui Hotel is the only resort on Klui beach, with a 170-meter coastline. Its location naturally makes it more secluded while offering more privicay than other local resorts. The beach itself is quite rocky, and it’s best not to swim here with kids at high tide.

Infinity pool Jeeva Klui

Infinity pool Jeeva Klui

With a large beachfront infinity pool, a Spa including spa treatments and a gym, Jeeva Klui Hotel is a great place to rejuvenate. The Spa pavilion includes an adults-only pool, a cold pool and a sauna. You can try some yoga poses, read a book on the large private terrace or just do nothing at all and fully enjoy Jeeva Klui Hotel’s signature hospitality.

The hotel offers a daily activity programme.  But make no mistake, it’s certainly not a ‘kid’s programme’ as the majority of hotel guests are adults. Of course the kids can easily join in with most of the activities.

Making flowers...

Making flowers...

If you’re into diving or snorkelling, you can visit the nearby Gili Islands, an easy day trip from Jeeva Klui Hotel.  The most famous of the archipelago on the Lombok coast are known as the Three Gilis: Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air. It is one of the best places in the world to learn to dive. The staff are happy to coordinate trips and organise transportation for guests. They help you determine the appropriate experience level and select a suitable diving company – most of them are even willing to pick you up right from the hotel’s beach.

Kayaks can be rented at Cafe Paradiso, a short walk up the beach from the nearby sister resort Jeeva Santai (adults-only). Or, opt for a traditional experience by going on an Indonesian fishing boat with local guides. Experienced and novice surfers alike flock to Indonesia’s Lombok coast for its full range of surf-able waves. The nearby sister resort Jeeva Santai on Mangsit beach offers lots of surfing activities.

It is also possible to combine your stay at Jeeva Klui with a few days at Jeeva Beloam Beach Camp as we did.  This is an adventurous resort right on a splendid sandy beach that attracts mostly families.

Jeeva Klui is a good starting point for exploring the culturally diverse Island of Lombok. It has a large Balinese Hindu population that gives the island a distinct flair. It is also home to the Balinese royal palace and several large Balinese Hindu temples. We are lucky that our two kids love to visit temples, but you might preferhiking or biking. Bikes can be rented at Jeeva Klui.



As for dinner, you don’t even need to go out as The Waroeng at Jeeva Klui offers all the culinary delights you can think of. The open restaurant has a pleasant atmosphere where they serve both breakfast and dinner outside, accompanied by the sound of waves.


# A stunning place to relax and to enjoy the serenity and sunsets on the Indian Ocean’s horizon.

# The traditional and modern architecture combined with great hospitality made us feel right at home.

# Jeeva Klui is the base for lots of activities on and around the island. The staff is very helpful in suggestions and arrangements.