“There is more to life than making a living.
Do not work more than you live”

― Mokokoma Mokhonoana



Mum, Dad, we saw baby turtles!” Our two daughters come running. Their legs are tanned, their hair is bouncing and there’s a sparkle in their eyes. We’re relaxing with our cappuccinos in the morning sun, on a terrace overlooking the white villas punctuated by exuberant bursts of colorful, wild flowers in this holiday resort. The girls have just returned from a beach they explored with other kids their age, guided by a local wildlife ranger. Time for all four of us to enjoy some ice cream, and then we’re off to our next adventure: kayaking. “We love it here, Mum and Dad!” We get a salty hug.

Life these days is so hectic, it can be hard to find quality family time. We’re often ruled by the demands of our jobs. That’s why these few weeks of vacation are so precious: we can unwind and recharge, together with those we love most. And that’s why it's nice to find a place everyone in the family can enjoy. 

The inspiration for this book happened on one of our vacations. Menno, a writer and keynote speaker, travels far and wide to interview successful, distinctive entrepreneurs. On one of his trips, Menno interviewed a resort owner who asked him a question that got Menno thinking: “Why spend your well-earned vacation with your kids on uncomfortable plastic beach chairs?” Indeed and our kids don’t like to sit around. They love to play, to meet other kids their age and to experience adventure. Their mother, Angela, is an interior designer who appreciates style and beauty. So that’s the mix we’re looking for.

This blog celebrates the best family-friendly, stylish and adventurous vacation spots we could find. These hotels, resorts and lodges are not only great for children, but highly enjoyable for adults too. Each destination offers something special, particularly when it comes to design, sporting facilities, location, children’s activities and entertainment, culinary experience, and cultural sights. We personally visited each and every accommodation, and photographed and rated it. At several spots, we invited the owners to talk about their own vision and their drive to provide a unique vacation experience.

This process resulted in a truly exclusive selection, from a spectacular wilderness lodge to a jungle resort where you can exchange stares with live monkeys from your swimming pool, to stylish Italian estates where children are practically revered.

We wish you lots of fun on your next family vacation!

Angela & Menno Lanting and our daughters